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Friday, September 19, 2008

the sun'll come out?

I walked out of the office this afternoon trying to think of what clever analogy I could use to describe to the internet the sort of soul crushing day I just had.

Except then I walked past this lady digging through the garbage for people's leftover Starbucks frappuccinos and McFlurry's and combining them together in old water bottles. And I realized what an overly dramatic douchebag I can be sometimes.

Today...wasn't great. At one point I remarked to my coworker that I understood why the windows in office buildings don't open because suicide rates would probably increase. By a lot. I don't think I've ever been on as many conference calls as I've been on in the last two days. Or been more stressed out over something I really had zero control over at all. I guess this is what it's like being a salesperson...no power but you get to bear the brunt of the blame. Why do I want to get into sales again? Oh yeah, because it's still better than any other career path at an investment bank. I think?

Anyway, I may not have a job soon, but I still have a roof over my head and a wonderful husband who is making me some sort of fancy pasta tonight. So I'll make it through like I always do. Things aren't so bad.


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