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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stupid amusing liberal of the day: Leo

So Paul and I arrived home from our dinner at Auqa in Kowloon (which I'll write about later) just in time to hear Leonardo DiCaprio talking about his new movie with Russell Crowe about the war on terror. He was saying that though it is a political movie he doesn't believe they injected their political views into the movie because they "villify both sides equally" or something along those lines...

Um, Leo? Hate to break it to you buddy, but there's a significant portion of Americans who don't believe we're just as "evil" as they are. That IS your political view dumbass.

Don't you just love it when a bunch of liberals get together and try to make a political movie that "represents both sides" except they actually have no clue what the other side even thinks to begin with?

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wingless was still breathing at 8:30 AM -

I can see why you chose "stupidity" and "ignorance" as tags for this post. You express both so well in this blog.
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