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Monday, September 26, 2005

longing for the days of monday morning hangovers, bunk beds and all-night-conversations in the hallway

So, apparently, the reason my UTI was not feeling like a UTI is because it wasn't. Got a message from my doc this evening as I was driving home that nothing flourished in my urine and blood cultures and so, most likely, it was either just some kind of virus or a flare.

I'm just going to make myself feel better and tell myself it as a virus. Because if it was a virus or other-bacterial-infection then it has (hopefully) been eviscerated by the antibiotics/passage of time by now and I can move on with my life and not get fired for never being in the office or doing any work. If it is a flare (and it's NOT, okay? humor me) then well, you know how that goes.

Most likely it was some kind of virus because I am feeling better now. And I told my manager about my condition today and she was pretty nice about it, I still have to tell my regional manager but it felt good at least getting it off my chest to one person at work. Also, she said they had been a bit concerned about my commitment to this position so I think letting her know I actually was sick and why it took me so long to get over it probably was a good move.

Other than that, I had a nice weekend. Tiring but very nice. My cousin Karen was in from Boston for the weekend and my parents and two aunties were all down here helping my cousin and little sister move into their new homes for the school year. I can't believe they are second and third years now. That is just ridiculous. My baby sister will be graduating. From college. In TWO years. Gah. I feel old. I felt really old all weekend being around UCLA again. I felt like that old person that is constantly reminiscing of the good old days. Oh how I long for the first couple years of college. It's sad that it's something you can really only experience once and even if you go back to school, it'll never be like that again. And it's something you'll always want.

Anyway. Today was a very long day at work. And very busy. And I am very, very tired. I have a LOT to do tomorrow ><

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