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Monday, October 31, 2005

in the know

Not having a job after working full-time for the past year and a half is bizarre. What in the world did I used to do with all my free time? Did I really waste it all sitting on my behind? I feel so restless but I'm not sure what to do with myself.

But at least I know about the nomination of Samuel Alito (I didn't hear about Harriet Miers withdrawing her nomination until the day after it happened ><).

Why is it that whenever Democrats talk about a potential SC Justice they blabber on about whether or not they are "committed to civil rights, workers rights, etc." Pardon me if I'm wrong but aren't judges in general NOT supposed to be committed to causes, and instead be impartial, uninterested parties?

wingless was still breathing at 12:51 PM -

Those are not causes, but as you said "rights". They, like any other rights, should not be ignored. Commitment in this context refers to the adherence to the laws protecting these rights. You, being an Asian American woman, should probably be concerned as well.

In the context that liberals discuss things like abortion, etc. they are what I would consider causes and NOT strict interpretation of the law as it was written. I think its disingenuous and a scare tactic that liberals use by invoking civil rights and workers right and claiming that people who are strict constructionist would abolish civil rights. I mean does Chuck Schumer honestly believe Justice Alito would force Rosa Parks to sit at the back of the bus again? HONESTLY? Cause if he does he needs to have his head checked.
Also, judges are not supposed to be committed to only certain parts of the constitution, but the constitution in its entirety. It is wrong for these leading Democrats to pick and choose which parts they think justices should uphold. What about the 2nd ammendment? Why aren't they out there defending THAT right? Because they are intellectually dishonest.
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