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Thursday, July 12, 2007

As if I really needed another reason to hate Tony Parker

While I was in France I noticed some posters of Tony Parker plastered all over our street. I asked one of my French friends about them and she rolled her eyes and said that he was releasing an album. And I quote (try to imagine the French accent), "He thinks he can rap."

A few other people seemed to share the sentiment - the French were in agreement, Tony Parker was getting annoying. They told me ever since he got engaged (now married) to Eva Longoria he had become too smug. For them. The French. Let that sink in for a minute. He got. Too smug. For the French.

A quick disclaimer: I hate Tony Parker. Seeing as how I am not French, he has always been too smug for me. Kind of like Kobe Bryant.

Anyway, I was partaking of my guilty pleasure this morning when I saw this. It definitely reminds me of the other French rap music videos I saw while I was there...Let's just say French music videos (especially their "eep-op" videos) can be odd. I vaguely remember one that involved a midget. A lot of them seem to be slow and broody and kind of lame. It totally makes sense that 95% of the music French people actually listen to is American music. Often American music from eight years ago, but American music nonetheless.

By the way, TP and his buddy dancing around in tank tops at the end makes me giggle.

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