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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And I know a lot of Warriors fans out there might disagree with me - but I'd rather lose than have a tool like Kobe Bryant on my team.

Go dubs.


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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today Paul asked me if I thought LeBron was a sore loser for not congratulating the Magic after losing Game 6 - and his hope for a 2009 championship ring - to them yesterday.

No, I told him. He has never been a LeBron fan (he will deny this if you ask him now and say he is neutral but I distinctly remember having a conversation with him this past season about why he doesn't like LeBron) so he replied that he does, in fact, think LeBron is a sore loser.

Admittedly, I am a LeBron fan so I may be a bit biased myself, but nothing that has ever been reported about LeBron suggests to me that he is a sore loser. To me, the reason he didn't congratulate the Magic is simple.

I asked my husband if he had ever been so disappointed in himself, so crushed by the hopes and expectations he had placed on himself that the thought of even being near someone else who had achieved what he hadn't was unbearable?

And it's not even really about that other person, it's not about resenting what they have achieved, it's more that their achievement reminds you how you have failed so miserably.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

it was titled "let's see if this ever sees the light of day"

This morning I woke up with this horrible feeling. Like I had taken sleeping pills and then blogged something all woe-is-me-wah-boo-hoo. Even though I was already late for work, I quickly checked my website before running out the door and was quite relieved to see that I hadn't posted anything. Still, I went through my day and couldn't shake the feeling that I had done something on the internet last night in an Ambien daze.

Lo and behold when I get home this afternoon and check blogger, there it is in draft form. A rambling post about how I am too surrounded by negativity and need to be more positive and find peace in my life. Go back to the Lord. And also why the Cavs will never fire Mike Brown as long as they have LeBron James to make him look good (even though they so totally should fire Mike Brown and it is a freakin' travesty that he got COY).

I think I'm going to quit taking sleeping pills since they apparently, um, fail to actually put me to sleep? Go figure.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Assorted questions...

1. Why is it better to hold terror war prisoners indefinitely without trial in supermax prisons within the United States than to hold them at Gitmo? Doesn't holding prisoners indefinitely in a federal supermax set a more dangerous precedent than holding them at Gitmo (which much more closely resembles a POW camp than does a supermax prison which holds prisoners that have been tried and convicted in U.S. federal courts)? Can any Obama supporters out there please explain this to me?

2. Why do people try to make a comparison between Kobe and MJ? MJ won six championships in ten years and was Finals MVP six times. Kobe has three championships in thirteen years and has never been Finals MVP. That means Jordan was "the man" all six times he won and Kobe (in three extra years) has only won half as many rings and has never been "the man." Even if gets it this year, that's still one vs six. No comparison, in my mind and I'm not even a big Jordan fan (I prefer Magic's style of play).

3. Why do I sometimes still get the feeling like I'm waiting for my "real" life to begin? I have a career (sort of, well, I'm employed in my industry of choice so close enough I suppose) and a husband. And a cat. When does it count as "real life?"

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Monday, May 25, 2009

you just don't know when to quit do you

Paul and I just returned after a four-day trip up the coast of California. My wonderful, amazing hubby planned the whole thing with almost zero input from me (since I kinda suck at planning things), I mainly served as a budget-sounding-board (i.e. How much should we spend on hotels?).

Even though our accommodations on the way up were amazing (no sleeping in the car for us!) I still didn't sleep very well due to the fact that I am very much like one of those grumpy old people who don't like to be away from their bed and their things, etc...

Long story short, now that we are home and have to go back to work at the butt-crack-o-dawn tomorrow, I decided an Ambien is in order (especially since Paul will undoubtedly be up til past my bedtime watching the NBA playoffs.

Ok, so I remember there was some point I wanted to make when I started writing and then one thing led to another and here I am?

I think I was going to write about how I managed to watch a large part of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon while we were away and damn it. I want kids. I don't want eight. But two or three would be really awesome. But you know what? I'm really not coherent enough right now to go down this path on this blog. This topic deserves to be written by someone who isn't in a state where she is easily distracted by shiny objects...like Lamar Odom's head on the tv screen.

Which brings me to the other thing this post might have been about...I hate the Lakers. I don't really know if the Nuggets can take them down, esp since they gave home-court back in the last game, but you know, they've proven they can win in LA so....gah....blaahhh...

Just so you know, the last time I wrote a post while drugged up on sleeping pills, I literally forgot I wrote it for months until one day I was like eh? What is this? And it even had a COMMENT on it (Hi John! I keep meaning to write you and tell you that your little note meant a lot to me but then it was sooo long after you actually wrote it I also felt a bit silly....). And then it came back to me like your memories after a long night of drinking and doing crap you'd much rather just forget all about. Except in this case, I was just sort of embarrassed that I couldn't remember having written all that....

GAH! *taping my own mouth shut now*

Let's talk in the morning.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Buke's coming back!!!

I'm very pleased that Evans decided to get greedy so that it made sense for the Warriors to sign the guy with more upside for pretty much the same price.

I really think Buke has the ability to be a Posey type of guy...he rebounds, plays defense and makes clutch threes. What more can you ask for from a sixth man?

Besides, who doesn't love a Cinderella story?


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

love my dubs (not george)

I must admit that when I first saw our draft pick this year, I thought what a lot of Warriors fans were probably thinking, "Oh great, another tall, skinny kid to warm the bench for Nellie." When I heard he made Brandan Wright, and I quote, "look like a bodybuilder," I was even less thrilled.

But (and I don't know if this is just because as a fan I have to hope for the best) I'm really starting to think we just might have gotten the steal of the draft in this Anthony Randolph kid. All indications are that he's got a solid head on his shoulders and after watching him play a bit more, yes, he's skinny but he looks strong too. And as bad as Nellie's reputation is for playing rookies, this kid has all the things Nellie loves - 6'10" who can handle the ball like a guard, shoot, hustle for rebounds and blocks, and generally cause serious matchup problems for the other team. I really hope he's everything he's looking like he could be...please...

Oh and if we could just keep Buke I'd be pretty happy too. He's worth the MLE so $3mil/year is a steal really.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

because i still hate kobe and paul pierce is the man

Um...Celtics? Please, please, please just end this tonight.

Hopefully they've been injecting enough painkillers into Perkins shoulder to numb an elephant.

By the way, I swear it's like Bill Simmons was in my head with this quote:

How can Lakers fans continue to defend such petulant behavior? You got me. But, hey, he [Kobe] must be a good guy because he can do news conferences while holding both of his kids. I have to admit, I'm a little Kobe'd out. Even politicians handle their public image less transparently -- we're almost to the point that Kobe's PR team is going to stage a fake fire in the Hollywood Hills and have Kobe "randomly" drive by the house, then run in to "save" three kids.)


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

class act (alternate title: rambling very early in the morning)

We had NBA League Pass this year so it truly irks me that I haven't really been watching Chris Paul until the playoffs started.

And to see this just takes my respect for him to an all new level. Oh Chris Paul, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

My favorite thing about watching Chris Paul play is that his greatness never conflicts with the true nature of basketball. That's actually what bugs me the most about Kobe (and no, I don't buy his whole transformation bit, his "THIS is who I am!!" crap...if Kobe had gotten his wish he'd be off in Chicago or Dallas basking in their, uh, "success"), there's no doubt he's incredibly talented and has an unquestionable drive to win, but the way he does it just doesn't seem right to me. If I wanted to see individual feats of record I'd be watching singles tennis or golf or swimming or something. Chris Paul poses a danger to other teams because they can't tell if he's going to score or get one of his teammates an easy bucket. That little floater he does when he's in the lane? It looks almost exactly identical to when he's lobbing it to Tyson Chandler for an easy dunk! What is that?? The boy is a miracle to watch. Want to see what "making your teammates better" looks like? Just watch Chris Paul.

The cool thing about him, though, is that he just comes off as a genuinely good guy. I remember at some point in the season when people were finally noticing how good the Hornets are they did a little piece on Chris Paul where they talked about how he would let opposing players he was buddies with stay over at his place before their games against the Hornets. The "sports analysts" discussing the piece were flabbergasted and said that he wouldn't be doing that after his first taste of the playoffs, so apparently it's not a very common practice, but doesn't it just give you the impression of how sweet and naive Chris Paul must be?

Then of course, there's Tyson Chandler's recent blog about CP3:

I just love how genuine CP is. It's just a combination of things over the last two years that make me really care for the dude like a brother.

Here's a story for you: My wife always teases him about "CP3". She doesn't call him Chris. She's like, "Hey CP3!" Just messing with him and giving him a hard time.

So, one time my wife was sick on the road, and he brought her a little note like "I hope you feel better, blah blah blah. Love, CP3"

It's just little things like that where he takes the time out. He could be a little arrogant prima donna, but he's not in any kind of way. For example: He's going to the zoo with my daughter today, on his birthday. How many NBA All-Stars live like that?

It's like, "So what? I'm not CP3. I'm Chris Paul, son of Charles Paul." And I love that about him.

And then, this video, which brought tears to my eyes at 5:45 on a Saturday morning. Wow, what a superstar. And he clearly comes from an amazing family.


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My new favorite show to watch when I get home at 3:30pm? What I Like About You

And does anyone else think Wesley Jonathan is Jamario Moon's twin? And is anyone else as disgusted by the current Kobe-Lovefest taking place in the NBA as I am?

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

the year of the perpetual cold

I've been sick as a dog for two straight weeks now and I'm starting to wonder if my facial orifices will ever stop leaking mucus. It's as though my brain has liquefied and is slowly draining out through my nose and throat (and ocassionally eyes).

Because I am somewhat of a masochist (as are all people crazy enough to work in this industry) I only missed one day of work and left early another day (by "left early" I mean I only worked eight hours). It all makes sense to me why I do it during the week but the weekend comes and I'm like, man, I am an idiot. The combination of overworking myself and being on immuno-suppressants is not making this sinus infection/cold an easy thing to get over...and is probably why it became a sinus infection to begin with.

All this makes me really question my ability to stay in this industry long-term. It's tough being in a position where you are really sick and really need the rest and yet really can't be away from your desk for more than one day in a row. While it's nice to feel like a necessary and vital person at work, it would be nice to take a day off and not feel guilty when I come back because everyone is complaining about what a crappy day they had yesterday.

I don't really have a point in writing all this, just wanted to complain a bit since I am sick and feeling crappy. The antibiotics definitely seem to be helping but have side effects of their own that are making me feel less than 100%.

Oh, and the Rockets really need to rally and put the beat down on those Denver Nuggets in the second half.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

we wuz robbed

Paul and I were in attendance on Monday night for Warriors-Lakers Part Deux. Great game, shameful ending.

If you saw the game then you understand why - two days later - I'm still kind of miffed over the last four seconds. As far as I'm concerned the series is 2-1 because let's face it that was a bad call. Paul is a huge Lakers fan so I've been subjected to a lot of Lakers games (especially this year since we have NBA league pass) and dude, Derek Fisher flops when you breathe on him (although to be fair I think he did actually really lose his balance on Monday). After we got home I watched the replay over and over again on On Demand and they should have just let them play. There was no foul, at least not one on Monta, Derek Fisher maybe...

I hope the Warriors have the privilege of knocking the Lakers out of the first round this season...Gasol and Bynum (yeah, yeah, Kobe too) be damned.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Suns-Warriors (one more time!)

Except this time I'm watching from home and since Paul is still out playing squash, watching it alone.

It has been a long freaking day (I'm not ready to talk about it yet, mainly because I don't want to think about it) and my mind isn't totally functioning and I actually do like the Suns so I keep getting confused as to who I am actually cheering for (the Warriors - hometown, sort of, wahoo!).

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hump day

It has just been one of those weeks.

Paul got in a car accident yesterday. Luckily, no one was hurt, and no, it was not Paul's fault and, also luckily, yes the other driver does have insurance. The insurance company has already informed us that the other driver is 100% liable, which is a load off our minds since we're hopefully going to be buying a condo in the next few months. I do feel bad for the other guy, his insurance rates are going to jump and all, but it was his fault (he opened his truck door as Paul was driving by) so what can you do right?

On Monday night, I woke up around midnight and knew I was heading straight for the toilet. Didn't have a thing in my stomach of course so it was all bile. Yum. Luckily, it didn't last long and once I had thrown up I felt a lot better and went back to sleep straight through until I had to get up for work. When I got into the office my coworker who drops me off at home most days was out sick with something that was either food poisoning or stomach flu. Hm.

Then today I got my Valentine's Day gift early, I took a bunch of pictures of it with the Rebel but I don't feel up to uploading right now, so suffice to say it looks suspiciously like this:

Clever boy picked something tasty, gorgeous AND that has special meaning to us! Too bad half it ended up as a pile of half-digested fruit on the floor between the ladies restroom and my office. I, being the genius that I am, ate a bunch of fruit on an already queasy-feeling stomach and boy did I pay for it. Or rather, the carpet and the maintenance people will.

Just in case you're wondering, no, I am not pregnant. I am in an office full of people who have come to work with pneumonia, possible stomach flu and a variety of other germs and infections. This is what happens when you work in an industry where people practically have to be on their death bed to be pulled away from work. (Especially when you're in the middle of the worst market crises in recent memory.)

So yeah, not fun. I've been sick for weeks and can't seem to get rid of it. I want nothing more than to collapse in bed until morning but Paul and I have tickets to Warriors/Suns at Oracle tonight and there's no way we're missing that game! Should be a very fun and fast game. Shaq won't be playing but maybe he'll be there!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Not Hot

I finally realized what I hate so much about the Lakers. (Besides Kobe of course).

They're the Paris Hilton of basketball teams.


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 7

I admit it.

I love to hate Kobe Bryant.

So it goes without saying that I found this article to be a fascinating read.

For instance, Bryant has never led the league in John Hollinger's PER (player efficiency rating), which combines a player's stats and percentages into a single measure. Last season, Bryant was well behind Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade.

To put his numbers into historical perspective, his career-high PER of 27.97 in 2005-06 ranks No. 42 all-time in the league. Several current players have posted a higher PER than Kobe did in his best season, including Wade (twice), LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki (twice), Shaquille O'Neal (six times), Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett (twice).


The more central questions, according to some observers in the NBA, revolve around Bryant's approach to the game. His amazing determination, while certainly a key part of his success on the court, does not always translate into leadership or a winning attitude.

The best-selling book "Leadership and Self-Deception" explains that leaders try to develop people who are even more capable and creative than they are. They are constantly in the process of creating future leaders. They are more interested in results than credit.

Certainly Bryant wants to win. But he wants to win his way, according to many who have followed his career. And when you break it down, that translates to this attitude: I would rather lose my way than win your way.

I think Chad Ford basically just confirmed something those of us who don't worship Kobe have believed for a long time: Sure he's an incredibly talented athlete but another reason Kobe scores a lot of points is because he takes a lot of freaking shots.

Paul and I joke a lot about how Kobe should have been a tennis player (singles of course) or a golfer because, yeah, it's pretty obvious to most people that the man is a crappy teammate. (Except, of course, Kobe's mindless drones, i.e. practically every person who bothered to leave a comment on the article).

It always weirds me out how much some people love Kobe. But I suppose I'm no one to talk since I felt actual glee when my coworker told me this morning that the Lakers lost last night.

Edited to add: Just found a comment that says exactly what I was trying to say except much more eloquently!

I don't understand people's obsession with Kobe. He is a great scorer, probably the best in the game. But he isn't a good teamate or person. Not someone I would want representing my team or city. He is a cancer. I'd rather watch Odom lead a team then Kobe. But the league is full of guys wanting to be just like him.

- SimonP1


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

As if I really needed another reason to hate Tony Parker

While I was in France I noticed some posters of Tony Parker plastered all over our street. I asked one of my French friends about them and she rolled her eyes and said that he was releasing an album. And I quote (try to imagine the French accent), "He thinks he can rap."

A few other people seemed to share the sentiment - the French were in agreement, Tony Parker was getting annoying. They told me ever since he got engaged (now married) to Eva Longoria he had become too smug. For them. The French. Let that sink in for a minute. He got. Too smug. For the French.

A quick disclaimer: I hate Tony Parker. Seeing as how I am not French, he has always been too smug for me. Kind of like Kobe Bryant.

Anyway, I was partaking of my guilty pleasure this morning when I saw this. It definitely reminds me of the other French rap music videos I saw while I was there...Let's just say French music videos (especially their "eep-op" videos) can be odd. I vaguely remember one that involved a midget. A lot of them seem to be slow and broody and kind of lame. It totally makes sense that 95% of the music French people actually listen to is American music. Often American music from eight years ago, but American music nonetheless.

By the way, TP and his buddy dancing around in tank tops at the end makes me giggle.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

U-C-L-A fight fight fight!

I'm so out of it I didn't even realize we're in the Final Four until tonight! Go Bruins!

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