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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 7

I admit it.

I love to hate Kobe Bryant.

So it goes without saying that I found this article to be a fascinating read.

For instance, Bryant has never led the league in John Hollinger's PER (player efficiency rating), which combines a player's stats and percentages into a single measure. Last season, Bryant was well behind Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade.

To put his numbers into historical perspective, his career-high PER of 27.97 in 2005-06 ranks No. 42 all-time in the league. Several current players have posted a higher PER than Kobe did in his best season, including Wade (twice), LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki (twice), Shaquille O'Neal (six times), Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett (twice).


The more central questions, according to some observers in the NBA, revolve around Bryant's approach to the game. His amazing determination, while certainly a key part of his success on the court, does not always translate into leadership or a winning attitude.

The best-selling book "Leadership and Self-Deception" explains that leaders try to develop people who are even more capable and creative than they are. They are constantly in the process of creating future leaders. They are more interested in results than credit.

Certainly Bryant wants to win. But he wants to win his way, according to many who have followed his career. And when you break it down, that translates to this attitude: I would rather lose my way than win your way.

I think Chad Ford basically just confirmed something those of us who don't worship Kobe have believed for a long time: Sure he's an incredibly talented athlete but another reason Kobe scores a lot of points is because he takes a lot of freaking shots.

Paul and I joke a lot about how Kobe should have been a tennis player (singles of course) or a golfer because, yeah, it's pretty obvious to most people that the man is a crappy teammate. (Except, of course, Kobe's mindless drones, i.e. practically every person who bothered to leave a comment on the article).

It always weirds me out how much some people love Kobe. But I suppose I'm no one to talk since I felt actual glee when my coworker told me this morning that the Lakers lost last night.

Edited to add: Just found a comment that says exactly what I was trying to say except much more eloquently!

I don't understand people's obsession with Kobe. He is a great scorer, probably the best in the game. But he isn't a good teamate or person. Not someone I would want representing my team or city. He is a cancer. I'd rather watch Odom lead a team then Kobe. But the league is full of guys wanting to be just like him.

- SimonP1


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