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Thursday, December 20, 2007

one track mind

Um. Hey!

*crickets chirping*

So, yeah. It's been awhile. Life has been happening and all. Things have been alright except on Tuesday I got really sick and was throwing up for several hours and got sent home from work and slept until noon. And everyone thought I was pregnant, except alas, I am not. Because you see, Paul is not hugging himself in a corner and weeping that his life is over. Definitive proof I tell ya.

So what has been happening you ask?

  • Paul and I have officially decided to dip our toes in the wading pool that is San Francisco real estate. It all started on Sunday afternoon as we strolled through the neighborhood and found an open house sign for a *gasp* place we could actually afford! Nevermind that the place turned out to be just a tiny bit bigger than an ant farm, still it was something in our price range. This got us thinking about how much we're going to have to pay in taxes with no write-offs to our names and right on cue my awesome bread-winning hubby got a nice big juicy raise. Long story short (I know, already too late right?) we're now in the market. And even with all that credit-crisis-panic somehow we managed to find the one neighborhood in America that really hasn't been affected. At all.

  • One of my childhood friends, Henry, is now officially one of my coworkers at Big Investment Bank. So far it's been fun.

  • Ugh. Can't stare at the computer anymore. Later!


    wingless was still breathing at 3:55 PM -

    FYI, work sucks. Getting mortgage = forced to work. I do like that mortgage interest deduction though.
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