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Saturday, May 10, 2008

class act (alternate title: rambling very early in the morning)

We had NBA League Pass this year so it truly irks me that I haven't really been watching Chris Paul until the playoffs started.

And to see this just takes my respect for him to an all new level. Oh Chris Paul, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

My favorite thing about watching Chris Paul play is that his greatness never conflicts with the true nature of basketball. That's actually what bugs me the most about Kobe (and no, I don't buy his whole transformation bit, his "THIS is who I am!!" crap...if Kobe had gotten his wish he'd be off in Chicago or Dallas basking in their, uh, "success"), there's no doubt he's incredibly talented and has an unquestionable drive to win, but the way he does it just doesn't seem right to me. If I wanted to see individual feats of record I'd be watching singles tennis or golf or swimming or something. Chris Paul poses a danger to other teams because they can't tell if he's going to score or get one of his teammates an easy bucket. That little floater he does when he's in the lane? It looks almost exactly identical to when he's lobbing it to Tyson Chandler for an easy dunk! What is that?? The boy is a miracle to watch. Want to see what "making your teammates better" looks like? Just watch Chris Paul.

The cool thing about him, though, is that he just comes off as a genuinely good guy. I remember at some point in the season when people were finally noticing how good the Hornets are they did a little piece on Chris Paul where they talked about how he would let opposing players he was buddies with stay over at his place before their games against the Hornets. The "sports analysts" discussing the piece were flabbergasted and said that he wouldn't be doing that after his first taste of the playoffs, so apparently it's not a very common practice, but doesn't it just give you the impression of how sweet and naive Chris Paul must be?

Then of course, there's Tyson Chandler's recent blog about CP3:

I just love how genuine CP is. It's just a combination of things over the last two years that make me really care for the dude like a brother.

Here's a story for you: My wife always teases him about "CP3". She doesn't call him Chris. She's like, "Hey CP3!" Just messing with him and giving him a hard time.

So, one time my wife was sick on the road, and he brought her a little note like "I hope you feel better, blah blah blah. Love, CP3"

It's just little things like that where he takes the time out. He could be a little arrogant prima donna, but he's not in any kind of way. For example: He's going to the zoo with my daughter today, on his birthday. How many NBA All-Stars live like that?

It's like, "So what? I'm not CP3. I'm Chris Paul, son of Charles Paul." And I love that about him.

And then, this video, which brought tears to my eyes at 5:45 on a Saturday morning. Wow, what a superstar. And he clearly comes from an amazing family.


wingless was still breathing at 5:58 AM -

spurs are gonna take it all!
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