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Friday, September 19, 2008

a special place in hell for the people who did this

Just another inevitably sad story from a city where the DA cares more about criminals than innocent citizens. I think this comment from "moseman23" says it all:

Unbelievable. How many innocent people have to die because of the incompetence and neglect of Kamala Harris's DA office? I had to listen to her voice on the radio today trumpeting her own heroic aggressive action to fine the parents of ELEMENTARY school students who are truant in SF. This is what she is using to suck up to the Obama people to get a job in his administration. I hate to say it, but after the vanishing arrest and conviction rate for murder and mayhem, treating gangs not as murderous criminal enterprises but as wayward youth, the dead witnesses, the fraudulent use of border protection money, Harris is starting to make Sarah Palin look like a competent manager.

I wonder if the ridiculousness of liberal policies on display here in this city will make some more San Franciscans vote for McCain?

Hm...on second thought, it's still pretty unlikely.

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wingless was still breathing at 6:06 PM -

I liked the original title of this blog better. ;-)
not comment on the rest of the blog, but i happen to think fining parents of truant kids a great idea =) elementary school or not..go ask teachers..parents are the main reason why they feel like they cannot make a difference in the kids lives. fix those fkking parents, fix the kids.....otherwise...make some money while taxing their irresponsible asses.

ps. you cant say these kids are at home working/making money....they are elementary aged =D
I think the point of the comment was more that there really isn't a big issue with truant ELEMENTARY school kids to begin with. I would think the bigger issue would be with jr high/high school kids...as elementary school students are generally brought to school by parents and supervised by teachers throughout the day. Agree? The problem with Kamala Harris is she's always pushing for the dumbest issues that aren't even a problem to begin with while ignoring the glaring issues facing the city...i.e. murder rates increasing every year...
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