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Sunday, March 28, 2010

RIP little man

Deandre Green was two years old. He liked to sing songs, scribble and cars.

He was beaten to death by his mother's (using that word VERY loosely) boyfriend last weekend and his father's family claims that both the police and DCFS were contacted in the months and weeks immediately prior to his murder.

The story is disturbing all the way around, but what particularly struck me was the part where the father brought the baby to the police department in order to report the bruises on his body and he was basically threatened. It sounds like the father, though young, was essentially a responsible father and member of society. He was not some drug dealing lowlife, he had a steady job as a baggage handler and loved his little boy very much. In fact it was his desire to do things the "right" way that tragically led things to unfold the way they did.

Now, I don't usually like to bring race into things, but for some reason in this case I feel that there is a strong possibility that race played a role in what happened. And maybe not just race, but also the age of the father.

Think about it, if he had been a middle-aged white man and he had walked into that police station, do you think he would have been treated the way he was? And if he had, as a middle aged white man he would probably have been enraged by his treatment and demanded to speak to a superior. But, as a young black man I'm sure the fear of having the police not believe him and maybe even somehow turn this around on him was ever-present. Whether rightly or not, I think that many young black men in the US fear the police even if they are not doing anything wrong. Especially in Los Angeles. And maybe that's what happened here?

It makes perfect sense if you look at it through the lens of a young black man in LA, why he didn't push the police once they made it clear they did not believe him. As another commenter noted, this really could have been the moment when it all unraveled...sad..

I don't really have a point. I just found this story to be so incredibly sad...it's unimaginable to me that someone could look into this baby's big beautiful eyes and harm a single hair on his head. I pray for his father and that God will give him some measure of peace - though I'm sure he will be forever haunted by what he might have done to save his son. I hope that someday he will believe none of this is his fault. He did everything right and the system failed him.

I really feel like the failures here fall on the shoulders of Hawthorne police department, DCFS and of course the mother and her scumbag boyfriend.

I'm sure that the last two will rot in hell. I hope sooner, rather than later.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hit-run victim's weeping brother at arraignment

Oh honey, these sub-humans always plead not guilty.

What I can't understand is why the "woman" (and I use that term very loosely) who instigated the whole thing is out on bail. Shouldn't she be charged with at least accessory to murder or something? Since a murder was committed during the commission of another crime/felony?

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Friday, February 19, 2010

do these a-holes ever plead guilty?

I heard about this story from a friend the day after it happened. It's definitely one of those that makes you scratch your head and wonder, what in the hell is this world coming to?

A 15-year-old boy has been charged as an adult in the shooting of a woman driving an ice-cream truck in Vallejo, authorities said...

Kaur, a widow raising three children, was found slumped behind the wheel of a Tony's Ice Cream truck...She had been shot in the chest.

You can tell when you read the comments section of articles about local crime that even people in the bluest area of a dark blue state are getting sick and tired of being preyed upon by thugs and gang bangers that are coddled by a justice system that has been destroyed by the likes of Kamala Harris (San Francisco's alleged district attorney). Granted, this didn't occur in SF (although this and this did) but let's face it, most of the DA's in the Bay Area have the same beliefs about crime and punishment...which is to say they don't really believe in much punishment (see this old case about the Bologna family tragedy - by the way the family is now suing the city and I hope they win).

I'm a bit out of practice with writing about these sorts of things so you'll have to pardon my dust if this doesn't come out quite as eloquently and well-organized as I'd like.

First, I am really glad that the DA in this case has decided to charge the suspect as an adult. As you can probably tell, I've grown pretty cynical of the "justice" system here in the Bay Area so I wouldn't have been that surprised had they decided to charge him as a juvenile. My guess is that this case has received such an outpouring of interest and anger due to the extremely sympathetic victim (immigrant widow working hard to raise her three children on her own) that the DA simply could not do anything but charge as an adult or face certain public wrath.

But I've seen stranger things happen here in the Bay Area, so kudos to the DA for at least getting this right.

I thought it was totally bizarre that some of the commenters (a very very small percentage) seemed to suggest that this kid might somehow be rehabilitated. As though, robbing and shooting the ice cream truck lady could be just a childhood indiscretion, a "mistake" that anyone might make during the adolescence.

Um, I don't know what kind of adolescence those people had but mine certainly didn't include shooting innocent hard working people while committing armed robbery. By fifteen if you don't know this is wrong, I think it's pretty safe to say that you will never know it's wrong.

Going off on a tangent for a moment, I've always wondered why it is that the penalty for attempted murder tends to be lighter than the penalty for murder. To me, if the intent was the same why shouldn't you be penalized just as harshly? You would have killed someone, you just failed at it. Why should you be rewarded for failing? It makes no sense...Like this guy? He should be eligible for the death penalty imho.

Anyway, one of the comments in particular that annoyed me was one where the commenter made some snide remark about wondering where the pro-lifers were to defend this scumbag. Because yes, innocent babies and murderous scumbags, totally the same thing. Why is it that when people argue against the death penalty, liberals never come out and wonder why these same people don't protest abortion? Oh that's right...because to them it's more important to protect thugs who shoot innocent women for a couple bucks than it is to protect innocent babies from being drowned in saline or ripped limb from limb out of the womb. Personally I believe in the death penalty and I dislike the idea of abortion. I think we as a society need to err on the side of protecting innocent life, but I could give a damn about scumbag murderers who don't even deserve to be called human anymore based on their own choices and actions.

I'm praying for Mrs. Kaur to have a speedy and full recovery, and that somehow God will heal the emotional scars that something like this must come with...both for her and her children.

EDITED TO ADD: Unfortunately this article just proves my point about the California no-justice system.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

a good time for an eye for an eye

I really hope the neighborhood ex-cons find these boys before the police do. Although, I suppose if they are tried as adults as it appears they will be, they will meet the same fate in prison anyway (fresh young meat and all). Still, if they want to live "the street life" then perhaps street justice is all they deserve.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

a special place in hell for the people who did this

Just another inevitably sad story from a city where the DA cares more about criminals than innocent citizens. I think this comment from "moseman23" says it all:

Unbelievable. How many innocent people have to die because of the incompetence and neglect of Kamala Harris's DA office? I had to listen to her voice on the radio today trumpeting her own heroic aggressive action to fine the parents of ELEMENTARY school students who are truant in SF. This is what she is using to suck up to the Obama people to get a job in his administration. I hate to say it, but after the vanishing arrest and conviction rate for murder and mayhem, treating gangs not as murderous criminal enterprises but as wayward youth, the dead witnesses, the fraudulent use of border protection money, Harris is starting to make Sarah Palin look like a competent manager.

I wonder if the ridiculousness of liberal policies on display here in this city will make some more San Franciscans vote for McCain?

Hm...on second thought, it's still pretty unlikely.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

8 crack dealers shielded by S.F. walk away

So if Paul and I really do end up buying a home in the city, I guess this kind of crap is what our property taxes will be funding. Suddenly the commute from the suburbs isn't looking so bad...Sad because I really do love so much about this city.

Thanks again liberals!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

surprise, surprise, the suspect is a gang member

So the story behind the slaughtering of the Bologna family here in SF keeps getting more and more...predictable:

He spoke only once during the proceeding before Judge Henry Ramsey in San Francisco Superior Court, saying "yes" when asked whether Edwin Ramos was his true name.

The three murder counts carry special circumstances of multiple murder and murder as part of a street gang, which both carry the potential of life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty.

Police say Ramos is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, but authorities have not said how the killings were gang motivated.


Ramos' immigration status has become a side issue in the case. O'Sullivan says Ramos is in the country legally and has applied for permanent residence here. But Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Friday that the agency believes he is an illegal immigrant and has put an immigration hold on him.

"We believe he's deportable," Kice said. The agency has asked the city to notify it when Ramos' case is completed.

And then of course there's this article that is hidden deep in the depths of the Chronicle website...

Ramos was also booked on felony weapons charges and as well as a separate count of being in a criminal street gang. Police cited "numerous documented contacts" that officers had with Ramos and Lopez, and said both were "active members of the MS-13 street gang."


Police sent the case to prosecutors in District Attorney Kamala Harris' office, who declined to file charges. They told investigators that there was no evidence that Ramos had known that Lopez had a gun, according to Harris' office.

So to sum it up, assuming this really is the guy who committed these disgusting murders, the police had their man in custody and knew that he was in fact a member of MS-13, currently known as the most violent and brutal street gang in America, but thanks to a D.A. who believes it's her job to hug criminals and "understand" how they came to be sub-human scum, and our mayor who likes to advertise the fact that San Francisco is a sanctuary city....well this animal was free to murder a hard-working father and his two young sons, both with bright futures ahead of them.

Yes, liberals, your policies are clearly working.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More good news from San Francisco the liberal "paradise"

Probably the most heart-breaking story I've heard out of this city for, oh, a couple months or so. I don't know how the rest of the country views San Francisco, but I can tell you it is not a safe city. We'll see if the police chief and DA come out from hiding under their desks for this one.

Fifty-one murders in 2008 and counting.

The third victim of a road-rage shooting in San Francisco died Tuesday night, and police released a composite sketch of the gunman and pleaded for the public's help in solving the triple slaying.

Investigators say Anthony Bologna, 48, and his son Michael, 20, were shot and killed following a minor traffic hassle in the Excelsior district, even though the elder Bologna pulled back to allow the gunman's gray Chrysler 300M room to finish a turn onto a narrow street.

After completing the turn, the driver of the car opened fire, killing the elder Bologna and his oldest son at the scene.

The Bologna family has set up two funds (information can be found in this article) so please donate if you can.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Turlock man beats a toddler to death, then fights off passersby before being shot by police."

Good lord, this story is absolutely gut wrenching. I spent about four and a half months in Turlock when I was at CSU Stanislaus and it is a great little, small town and I'm sure the people there are absolutely devastated by this. This is the kind of place where people are kind to strangers and hold doors open for each other.

I'm not surprised that it sounds as though several different people tried to help though it was in a remote area and must have all unfolded very quickly. I am surprised that one of the passerby's didn't have a gun (or if they did, didn't use it) since Turlock is a pretty gun friendly neighborhood. Maybe that baby would have had a chance...

Rest in peace little one...

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

murder #45 of 2008

I have this habit where I like to be on top of all the murders that are going on in this city via the Chronicle and this website. This story is especially disturbing to me because a) at least at first blush it would appear to be a pretty random act of violence (road rage perhaps?) and b) we were actually about two blocks away from there around the time the article reports shots were reported to police.

Sometimes I find it really hard to believe that liberals can actually think this city makes a great case for letting them run the country.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

More thoughts on the V-Tech shootings, gun control and the media bias

It's late here but truth be told I've had a few too many glasses of champagne (or as the the French call it "champ-ane") and I've got the Virginia Tech tragedy on my mind.

Reading this post reminded me of a couple questions that crossed my mind once I found out exactly what sorts of weapons Cho was armed with. How did he kill so many and why didn't anyone try to stop him? He was armed with a .22 caliber and a 9mm glock. Though I've never fired a glock before I did have the opportunity to shoot a .22 and a 9mm and while they can both do serious damage at close range (and I would NOT want to come face to face with either weapon in the hands of a person as deranged as Cho) they are not the most frightening weapons out there and he must have had to reload at least a couple times to kill and wound as many as he did. Granted I'm sure people were afraid as anyone would be, but still, with so many young men around how is it that none of them had the stones to be the hero/heroes? It was not a situation where you think if you sit back you might be spared, it was one where if you hide under the desk and cower, you and everyone around you will probably get shot and be killed.

I know how it must sound but I'm really not trying to criticize any of those young men that were injured, killed, or just there when it happened, but I'm curious and a little bit confused. Dr. Clouthier puts it better than I can when she says:

Even more, how uncomfortable are we in the use of force that young, strong men are paralyzed in the face of evil? Yes. Men. A trained woman could have made a difference, too, but lets be real. A man, or men, of size and strength (or not, if he were armed) would need to use all of it to take down a killer hopped up on blood lust.

Dr. Clouthier brings up an excellent point when she alludes to how different things might have been if only there had been armed men (or women) around during the massacre. I am reminded of another shooting which also occurred in Virginia but turned out very differently from the V-Tech shootings thanks to the presence of two armed students who were able to disarm the shooter with their own guns. How many would have been spared if only one of the V-Tech students or professors were armed themselves? Unfortunately, we will never know. But of course the press and the libs out there will continue screeching about gun control and how wonderful the world would be if only Americans would give up their guns. Because surely criminals and murderous lunatics would obey gun-banning laws seeing as how much they respect the law and all.

Of course the media bias against guns is made blatant by their coverage of the Appalachian shooting, note that in this CNN article it claims that the shooter was "apparently tackled" and makes no mention at all of the fact that the shooter was actually disarmed by armed students.

Anyway, like I said it's late here and I should sleep, just had to get a few things off my chest. Sorry if it wasn't exactly all coherent and tied together. I may try to edit it in the morning.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rapists beware


And in my opinion long overdue. Vengeful? It's not vengeful, it's called justice. Stick things where they don't belong and this thing makes sure you get exactly what you deserve.


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