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Friday, March 20, 2009

actually not a bad time to be a credit risk analyst

So you may have heard about all the financial-crisis-hoopla stuff going on recently. Just a bit. And yes, Paul lost his financial industry job last November. And nope, things haven't really improved much within the industry since then. So he was understandably surprised when he got a call. For an interview. In fact, he didn't even answer the phone, so convinced was he that the random 415 area code number was a telemarketer.

"Haven't you sent out some resumes recently?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

"So, uh...?" I said.

And lo and behold his phone jingled that he had a voicemail. And someone wanted to interview him. So he interviewed. And this afternoon FedEx dropped off an offer later and as of March 30th we will officially once again be a two income household.

We both feel so blessed. Especially because we were able to arrange a last minute getaway to Hawaii for next week!

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wingless was still breathing at 7:46 PM -

i am jealous =(

take me with you...

- Candace
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