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Monday, April 27, 2009

filed under: what the fuck were they thinking

When we first heard about this over the hoot (an intercom that traders use to talk to the salesforce) this morning, no one in our office was really sure what to think. Then we started hearing that our Jersey City office was being evacuated and just as the rumor mill was starting to get warmed up it was announced that apparently this was some sort of military drill.

To which the general consensus was: HUH???

As bits and pieces of the story started to leak out, eventually leading to "it was an Air Force One photo-op" everyone became more and more baffled. We started hearing from our Jersey City coworkers about what sounded like shear pandemonium - people getting shoved down the stairwell, people cutting their hands while jumping fences, screaming, crying, just sheer chaos and terror. And I mean really, what the hell did they think would happen? Whoever planned this retarded debacle is a total douche-bag and should thank his/her lucky stars that no one was seriously injured while trying to evacuate.

I mean, seriously, how did this unfold?

Some douche-bag in the White House: You know what would be really cool? A photo-op of a commercial airliner escorted by military jets, flying as close as they can to high-rises in lower Manhattan. And you know what else? Let's make the whole thing a surprise! People will love it!

Some other douche-bag in the White House: WOW! Best! Idea! Ever! I mean, New Yorkers have got to be over that whole 9-11 thing by now don't they?

That this whole thing was approved by the White House and ordered to be kept a secret is so mind boggling that for most of the day half the people in my office were SURE that there had to be more to the story than was being released. However, by the end of the day it seemed to be pretty clear that this was just an ill-conceived sideshow stunt put together by a bunch of idiots who somehow didn't have the foresight to imagine what kind of a reaction it might get from a lot of the very same people who watched the Twin Towers come down and people jump to their deaths. We're not talking a quick fly by either, according to one of my coworkers brothers who was in one of the WFC buildings, they flew by his windows at least twice. Jets? Circling downtown Manhattan? How irrational of them to be afraid *sarcasm off*

In case you couldn't tell by the incoherent angry rambling above, yes I am still pretty miffed by this whole thing. Maybe it's not fair to blame Obama for this, but I do. Someone in HIS administration signed off on this ridiculous stunt and time and time again it appears that the people he trusts just don't measure up.


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