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Friday, June 05, 2009

dealing with customer service...aka death by a thousand cuts

Argh! I just spent five hours of my Friday afternoon waiting at home for a package that FedEx just decided to update the delivery date for. So it actually won't be coming until Monday.

This is all especially irritating because due to the fact that I knew the address had been corrected from the original (my mistake, I accidentally gave my parents' zip code), I called customer service this afternoon to make sure the change had been processed. I was assured that it had been and that the package was out for delivery today. So I bailed out on drinks with coworkers (and then opted not to meet up with Paul and his friends) so I could stay home and wait for the package. Of course when I called with 15 minutes left to go during the delivery window I was told, oops, since the change wasn't processed until today, the package actually wouldn't be delivered til Monday, and uh, oh now the online tracking has been updated too. Is there anything else I can help you with?

You'd think that in this economy companies could hire people who aren't untrained idiots to work in customer service...Neither of the people I spoke with seemed to know how to use the system to properly track the changes. Annoying.


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