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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today Paul asked me if I thought LeBron was a sore loser for not congratulating the Magic after losing Game 6 - and his hope for a 2009 championship ring - to them yesterday.

No, I told him. He has never been a LeBron fan (he will deny this if you ask him now and say he is neutral but I distinctly remember having a conversation with him this past season about why he doesn't like LeBron) so he replied that he does, in fact, think LeBron is a sore loser.

Admittedly, I am a LeBron fan so I may be a bit biased myself, but nothing that has ever been reported about LeBron suggests to me that he is a sore loser. To me, the reason he didn't congratulate the Magic is simple.

I asked my husband if he had ever been so disappointed in himself, so crushed by the hopes and expectations he had placed on himself that the thought of even being near someone else who had achieved what he hadn't was unbearable?

And it's not even really about that other person, it's not about resenting what they have achieved, it's more that their achievement reminds you how you have failed so miserably.

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