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Monday, January 25, 2010


I was going to write something. I had something to say. About something. But maybe I'll let it wait a bit. I'm tired. And not feeling very eloquent.


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Monday, January 04, 2010

shiny objects

If we don't get this house I am totally buying myself a pair of diamond earrings.

Because, whatever. They are sparkly.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

retail therapy

I am not a girly-girl. In fact, I pride myself on not being a girly-girl.

I don't wear high heels, the last couple times I have put them on I was scolded by my husband who reminded me how they give me blisters and make my arthritis flare up in my feet. My favorite outfit is pajama pants. I have no idea how to accessorize, I don't even own a single belt or bracelet, and I rarely take the time to put on makeup.

And yet...

I love buying makeup. It's instinctive or something, like a cat burying it's crap in a litter box.

Today I received a recent order from Sephora and I was SO excited and yet I still have no idea what even drove me to buy this stuff because honestly? I work at 5AM, I'm not waking up even an extra 10 minutes earlier to doll myself up.


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Monday, August 31, 2009


I signed onto AIM for a few moments just now and was totally overwhelmed. How the hell did I used to remember all those screen names of people who's actual names aren't in their sn?

I used to spend my life on AIM.

I feel like an old lady.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

do you feel lucky?

We've been playing the lottery over here. It's up to $262 million. I love that feeling before the drawing when anything can happen and you fantasize that maybe this will be your lucky night. I know that winning the lottery has its pitfalls and yadda yadda ya, but it's a great feeling isn't it? To feel like your life might change in the next few minutes?


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Monday, July 13, 2009

in lieu of a post, a list

I was going to write some stuff about work but I'm not really sure what I want to say or how to say it without sounding like an ungrateful brat simply for the fact that I do still have a job and a pretty good one at that. So we'll leave that for another day and for now, some random thoughts I had today...

1. Why does my cat always smell so wonderfully clean and like she just had a bath even though she washes herself with her own spit?

2. My dad performed at a farmer's market here in the city yesterday and brought us a bunch of fresh (and free!) fruit from the vendors. Including some raspberries. I ate three quarters of the basket before finding a small white worm crawling on top of one, after which I promptly threw the rest away. Now I have that song stuck in my head, nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll eat some worms. Sigh. I'm pretty sure it's in my head but I feel things crawling around inside me. It probably doesn't help that I've been watching that new Animal Planet show about parasites.

3. For months now I've been feeling completely exhausted. I seem to sleep both too much (on the weekends) and too little (weekdays). I don't do well with coffee (I hate that jittery feeling and it gives me stomach aches), I've tried tea but I'm not sure it's really doing anything.

4. I think I actually want to watch the new Harry Potter movie in theaters. And I hate theaters. And crowds. And going out in general. So that's really something.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today Paul asked me if I thought LeBron was a sore loser for not congratulating the Magic after losing Game 6 - and his hope for a 2009 championship ring - to them yesterday.

No, I told him. He has never been a LeBron fan (he will deny this if you ask him now and say he is neutral but I distinctly remember having a conversation with him this past season about why he doesn't like LeBron) so he replied that he does, in fact, think LeBron is a sore loser.

Admittedly, I am a LeBron fan so I may be a bit biased myself, but nothing that has ever been reported about LeBron suggests to me that he is a sore loser. To me, the reason he didn't congratulate the Magic is simple.

I asked my husband if he had ever been so disappointed in himself, so crushed by the hopes and expectations he had placed on himself that the thought of even being near someone else who had achieved what he hadn't was unbearable?

And it's not even really about that other person, it's not about resenting what they have achieved, it's more that their achievement reminds you how you have failed so miserably.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday!

Feeling under the weather and really, really exhausted. Don't have much to say except Star Trek the movie was awesome and you should definitely go see it.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

a bad, bad thing

I've deleted this post three times already and have finally come to the conclusion that I just can't bring myself to write this.


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My new favorite show to watch when I get home at 3:30pm? What I Like About You

And does anyone else think Wesley Jonathan is Jamario Moon's twin? And is anyone else as disgusted by the current Kobe-Lovefest taking place in the NBA as I am?

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Monday, November 26, 2007


At work today I created a lovely hair-thingy for myself made out of binder clips. Because I am just that awesome. What was not awesome was forgetting all seven thousand of my hair ties at home and then running in and out of the building (think hot then cold then hot, etc.) and sweating up a storm. Ah well, someone needs a shower (me!!)

The binder clips aren't that hard to find if you look in my hair because I was less concerned with the aesthetics and more with keeping my sweat-laced, grungy mane from touching my face.

Alas, as there are no longer any other females in my office I have to share my feat of hair engineering with you, the internet.


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Monday, November 19, 2007

its all downhill from here

I just started watching last Sunday's episode of Family Guy and I can't even bring myself to finish it. Disgusting.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh yeah!

Happy Halloween!


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random things

  • I feel pretty bad for the poor guy who married this crazy chick.
    She says Posy Floral Design in Manhattan substituted pastel pink and green hydrangeas for the dark rust and green ones she had specified for 22 centerpieces.

    Not only that, she alleges that the hydrangeas were wilted and brown, and arranged in dusty vases without enough water.

    "The use of predominantly pastel centerpieces had a significant impact on the look of the room and was entirely inconsistent with the vision the plaintiffs had bargained for," Glatt, a lawyer, said in the lawsuit, filed on behalf of herself, her husband, David, and her mother-in-law, Tobi Glatt, who paid for the flowers.

    The flowers cost $27,435.14. The lawsuit asks for more than $400,000 in restitution and damages.

    Yeesh. Talk about focusing on the wrong thing here, lady. Did you get married? Does it significantly alter the course of your life? I mean, seriously?

    Anyone surprised she's a lawyer?

  • Since I work at a trading desk for an investment bank there are not a lot of other females around. In fact, there's one saleswoman, our admin and yours truly. So I work with a bunch of guys who all happen to be happily married, engaged or moving in with their gf's. This works out well for me since I too am married, and it probably gives us all more in common since no one's really out and about partying all the time. Not like we could with our hours though. Anyway...

  • Today was better than yesterday. Thank God. I wanted to post this yesterday but I just couldn't even bring myself to talk about work at all yesterday. Not even a little bit. It was that bad. I kind of just left. I still had a few things I could have done but my friend who gives me a ride home was leaving and for a brief moment I thought about staying and waiting for my trade to match (good thing I didn't since it didn't match until this morning) and walking or taking the bus home. And I thought about the last time I waited and stayed until like 4:30 for the TA's to just book the damn trade already...and I couldn't do it.

    And then of course I felt bad about leaving. And worried something horrific would happen because of the unmatched trade. Which was really, really unlikely. But this did not prevent the worrying.

    Everything was fine and no one else even really seemed to notice it until I called this morning wondering what was going on there. And it matched and settled and the world was in balance once again. There were no fire drills today, no staring intently back and forth between the clock and your email/bloomberg waiting for a response because the deadline is approaching and it's a REAL deadline not one of those "eh" deadlines, but like a serious deadline where you WILL BE CUT OFF at this time. Period. End of statement. Absolutely no exceptions. And there are exactly six minutes left and OH MY GOD. I can't talk about that anymore.

    Let's just leave it at, today was better than yesterday.

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    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Working hard or hardly working?

    I'm in a slightly better mood today. Amazing what a full eight hours of sleep will do for your spirits.

    But studying for my final tomorrow is making me want to take a nap.

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    Sunday, April 01, 2007

    Sunday odds and odds

    From what I hear it's gorgeous outside. I say "I hear" because I haven't actually left the apartment at all yet today despite the fact that it's almost 6pm. Supposedly I've been working on my LBO and Private Equity cases but in reality I've been playing Brain Academy on Joe's DS. I am telling myself it's okay because, you see, it's a brain game and therefore making me smarter. Who needs schoolwork?

    I've now moved onto updated my myspace page (by updating I mean adding one picture and changing my album setting from "everyone" to "friends only"). This means that my brain is actually now melting.

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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Everywhere you go, there you are.

    I've been trying to write something all day but I guess I can't quite figure out what I want to say. Last week pretty much wiped me out, but I'll tell you about that some other day. Maybe.

    I can't believe I'll be in France in less than three weeks. To be perfectly honest I'm scared out of my mind. And no, the wedding is not planned, although thanks to my beautiful bridesmaid Lian the girls now have their dresses.

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