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Sunday, September 06, 2009

google as vet

Paul and I attended a baby shower this afternoon. During dinner another father-to-be (not the one who's shower it was) was talking to us about how scary the prospect of being a parent is because you suddenly realize the sheer number of things to worry about. All the things that can go wrong. Funny enough I think we got a little taste of the terror that can be parenting after we came home tonight.

We were lying in bed, watching some tv and getting ready to fall asleep when we heard a strange high-pitched coughing sound. I realized it was coming from Taz and immediately shot out of bed, turned on the light and started rubbing her back. She kept "coughing" for a few more seconds and by the time she stopped Paul had his glasses on and was standing over her as well.

It freaked me out because we gave her some scallops this morning along with her shrimp (which we give her as an occasional treat) and the first thing I thought when I heard her coughing was, "Oh no she must be having an allergic reaction to the scallops!" I guess that's unlikely since we fed it to her over sixteen hours ago and other than that coughing fit she has been fine all day. Also, Dr. Google says that if a cat has a food allergy it is usually a developed allergy to something they are fed regularly. That made me feel a little bit better about the scallops.

Of course, Dr. Google also mentioned that if a cat's ears are warm it could mean they have a fever, and yes, you guessed it, Taz's ears are warm. But I offered her some treats and she happily gobbled them up and then started cleaning herself so she's pretty much acting normal.

Hopefully I'm worried over nothing. Even though it was after midnight, I was almost ready to take her to an emergency vet when I read that thing about the ears. I did pull the chair she was sleeping on closer to our bed so I can keep an eye on her. If she does it again and no hairball appears I'm taking her to the emergency vet. Shoot, I pay $30/mo pet insurance for a reason right?

Apparently, I am so totally going to be that parent.

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