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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project 7 posts in 7 days - Day 1

How is it that I blinked and suddenly Q4-09 is around the corner? Where did the year go? January seems like both yesterday and a hundred years ago.

I haven't been a very good blogger in recent years, but certainly 2009 was a new low for me.

Those "x number of posts in x number of days" commitments have become popular with bloggers who have let their blogs fall by the way-side and that sounds like a good idea to me. So I've decided to attempt something relatively modest and launch my own 7 posts in 7 days. From there, we'll see.

I stayed late at work today for a teaching conference call (I actually enjoy these things because I can make believe I am back in my carefree college days - of course it is much harder to pay attention when 3,000 miles away from the speaker) and by the time I left it was way past my normal departure time. The office was empty except for my colleagues in other departments, most of whom I've never met. I rode the elevator with a friendly fellow from the equity research group and this is when I came to the realization that I often totally ignores peoples names when introducing myself.

It is actually a more frequent occurrence when I'm slightly intimidated by the person I'm meeting because I perceive them as being more important than I am. I start to blank out as they say their name because I'm frantically trying to think of what I should say next. What if I say The Wrong Thing? What then?? So while they speak I carefully plan my response and by the time they are done introducing themselves and a polite conversation pursues and ends, I walk off only to realize I have no clue who I just met beyond what they do and (maybe only vaguely) what they look like. Now I'm in a panic because the next time I meet them it is not polite to ask them their name again and I will just have to hope I'm never in a position where I have to introduce this person to anyone.

Now that I realize my bad habit I'm going to make a concerted effort to PAY ATTENTION! to people's names when I meet them. After all, names are strangely important to people.

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