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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear God

So we ended up canceling our purchase agreement on the home. A long story for another day.

I'm not really upset over it, a little disappointed but whatever, I'll get over it. The earthquake in Haiti is on my mind and it has put things into perspective - big time. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, water to drink and most importantly, the ones I love are safe. What is going on in Haiti right now is just...unimaginable.

I've been trying not to read about it, watch the constant stream of news, look at the pictures - but I can't help myself. It's not something we should ignore is it? Even if we really, really want to?

I've been reading some blogs of missionaries and other charity workers who were already living in and blogging about their work in Haiti before the quake and their stories are some of the most heartbreaking I've heard. The pictures on this site probably give the best idea of just how extensive the damage is. If this post and this one don't make you cry, you are probably made of stone. This is another great blog of a family of missionaries from Texas basically asking for fervent prayers.

Paul and I have donated through our chosen charity World Vision but it just doesn't feel like enough. It feels like there should be more we can do, but what? I got this crazy thought in my head while watching a 20/20 piece about the orphans in Haiti, I've always thought I might adopt someday, why not from Haiti? Why not right now? As soon as I typed the word "adopting" into my Google searchbar the auto-fill completed my thought for me and "adopting from haiti" quickly popped in, so clearly I'm not the first American to have this idea. After doing a little research I realize that adopting from Haiti may still be in our future, but it's not something that's going to help right now. I guess for now, giving money is still the best we can do. That and, of course, pray.


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