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Monday, October 20, 2008

time for more crying re: my job.

Another day, another 12 hours of work interrupted only by mad dashes to the ladies room and that's pretty much it. It's starting to all feel really...pointless. Every day that goes by my hope for staying in the company wanes a little bit, maybe partly due to my impatient nature, but also just partly due to the attitude of my new coworkers from The Other Investment Bank (the one that my company took over but it totally feels as though it happened the other way around).

They are movin' on in with a quickness which makes us (I'm including my coworkers in this because we've had many a bitch session about this topic) feel like decisions have already been made and maybe we've been left out of them.

I don't know. As has been previously discussed quite thoroughly on this blog, I hate uncertainty and things couldn't be more uncertain at work than they are right now. And sadly even Fridays are tainted now because, of course, Fridays are when they're going to be giving people the boot.

All of these feelings are compounded by the fact that I am being absolutely crushed at work. Like completely soul-sucking, spirit-crushing, pounded into the dirt, overworked. A lot of people probably work 12 hour days quite regularly but I don't think other people work the way me and my fellow sales assistants have been working...nonstop...on Friday I literally only had time to RUN to the bathroom and then run back to my desk three times. I haven't been out in the sun on a weekday since I got back from Taiwan.

Sigh. Time for bed. So I can get up again and go to work at 5AM...I can only hope tomorrow isn't another 12 hour day but it probably will be. Wa..hoo...

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