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Sunday, April 18, 2010

7in7 roundup

So how did my little experiment go? Mm...57% success rate.

1. Return heinous shirt to VS 4/15
2. Make doctor appointment 4/13
3. Apply to three jobs 4/13
4. Finish CFA Level 1 review
5. Pick up blanket from dry cleaners 4/15
6. Schedule dental cleaning & filling
7. Schedule next LHR treatment

I still think it was worth making the list because without it I probably wouldn't have gotten anything done at all. Now we will roll the items not completed into prominent positions for next weeks list.

It's been a rough weekend, don't really feel like going into all of it right now but surely will at some point. Suffice to say I'm tired and in some physical pain and am about two seconds from collasping into bed. Crap. I have to get up for work tomorrow don't I?


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

if at first you don't succeed...

Yeah. I'm not even going to bother trying to make excuses for why I haven't been here in weeks. Chances are, no one cares!

Life has been, oddly crazy and yet completely boring. I took level 1 last Saturday and it feels bizarre to come home from work and space out in front of the TV without those familiar pangs of guilt. In fact, I still have to remind myself that the test is over to quell the panicked feeling in my stomach. I suppose I could be proactive and start studying for level 2, but then I won't be able to use the "I didn't study enough" excuse if I don't pass it on the first try. Heh, just kidding, sort of.

So wow, it's December eh? That was fast. What were my goals for 2009? Did I have any? Did I reach them? I'm not really sure. I feel as though I'm in just about the same place as I was twelve months ago so probably not. It's funny how we start every year thinking it will be different from the last and they usually aren't.

And yet, I still do feel like maybe next year will be different, better, a year full of promise. A year of change (like real change, not hopeNchange). Here's hoping I don't get absolutely crushed.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last but not least

It's not my something silly (still working on that), but I realized I left off one very important goal to reach before thirty. It's actually one I hope to reach before I turn 25 in July, but we'll see how it goes.

8. Start a career

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Waiting for my real life to begin

With Scrubs as my inspiration, last night I made a list of things I'd like to accomplish before my 30th birthday (only about five years away!). Admittedly it is a bit ambitious, but I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility. It would probably have been a better idea to have made this list when I graduated from college (or in college) but I wasn't an avid Scrubs watcher at that point in my life, so oh well. Better late than never.

In no particular order...(and yes I know I cheated and put something on there I've already done, but I wanted something to cross out! and it really is something I've always wanted to do, so technically it should be okay, right?)

Joyce's List of Stuff To Do Before 30

1. Finish Master's degree

2. Live abroad

3. Get married

4. Have a baby

5. Buy a house

6. Get MBA

7. Get CFA

All it's lacking is something silly that I actually do want to do...like Turk's "have sex while playing frogger" or JD's "sleep naked in a hammock." I'll have to think on that for awhile...

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